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For many years I have been diagnosed as having sciatica by my GP, suffering terrible pain, leaving me unable to sit/stand/walk for long. After having painkillers upped yet again, I decided to seek a second opinion. I'm so glad I did. With my leg “locked” in excruciating pain, I Googled ‘Chiropractor’ and called Mr Johnstone. I have never looked back. His answer was the Femoral Nerve, not Sciatica. With the gentle technique of using an Activator, pain free treatment, I now have a better quality of life, from 6-8 pills a day to 2. Gerard has helped me so much that I can fully recommend visiting him as the way forward to wellness and pain free living. I felt the benefit from the first visit.

Alma Darroch

Gerard, thank you for the chiropractic care that I have received from you this year.

I can sleep on my front for the first time in years! I cannot honestly say I understand how it works, but it works! I have had a bad back for over 20 years and after attending just a few appointments, one of the major improvements is that I can lie flat on my stomach with my head turned to the left or to the right with no pain or strain in my upper back, this would have been impossible before. Every other type of treatment has really just produced short term fixes and so I am very grateful for your help .

I visited Gerard 3 weeks ago barely able to walk. The pain I was in was unbelievable & taking a lot of tramodol left me feeling drowsy. Today I'm pain free, not taking tramadol & able to walk again! Gerard was was friendly, professional & knowledgeable & I can't thank him enough for the miracle he's done with my pelvis. I would recommend anyone in pain to contact Gerard ASAP. (Richard)

I am writing to say how beneficial my treatment was for my sciatica. It was my first appointment with you and 2 days later I was off on a 3 hour flight, followed by a 1 and half hour bus journey. My pain has gone completely. Thank you so much. My colleague is going to contact you for an appointment for her shoulder. (Angela Bowie)



Just a wee note to say a great big thank you. You're a miracle worker! I'm so very glad that you didn't give up on me, thanks to you I am finally getting my life back on track. I will be eternally grateful to you.
(Sandra Cowan)


Thank you, I am very impressed with the activator method which gave me immediate pain free relief from my discomfort. I am very impressed with the result. When I am in East Calder again I will contact you for further treatment if required. Many thanks. (Shirley Maillardet)

After months of unrelenting pain from sciatica. I was at my wits end. Painkillers weren't helping and so I tried Chiropractic Care West Lothian in East Calder. It has taken several visits but the difference is incredible. I am no longer in agony and off the painkillers. At last able to resume normal life again. I would highly recommend. (Karen Gray)

I’m a fit and active 49yr old who enjoys regular cycling and swimming. I have no idea what caused my shoulder problem. I first noticed the shoulder pain earlier this year. I did the usual thing and asked Google and friends and took Ibuprofen and stopped cycling and swimming. It had become too painful anyway. Over the next few months, the pain and mobility would come and go and it would feel as though it was improving, then it would be terrible again. By June, I was sleeping (badly) upright on the sofa it had got that bad. I contacted Gerard at Chiropractic Care West Lothian as my shoulder was completely frozen and I couldn’t even change gear to drive. It was very painful indeed and there was so much inflammation, even my fingers were swollen! He very kindly saw me straight away and carried out a full assessment and identified the problem as my bicep tendon. He provided an initial chiropractic session and gave me a gentle exercise to do at home between appointments. To support the chiropractic sessions I also took Ibuprofen and applied regular ice packs. I could not believe the difference it made! From the first session there was obvious improvement both with the reduction in pain and an improvement in mobility and I was much more comfortable. Three sessions in and I have mobility back! I have additional gentle exercises to do at home and there is a massive difference in just a very short space of time. I am back in my bed sleeping well. My one regret is that I left it for months rather than simply tackling the problem straight away. However, I am very glad indeed that I went to see Chiropractic Care West Lothian and fully recommend Gerard who is a great practitioner! (Karen Bradford)

In my youth I worked on a farm which involved me in much hard, physical work. As a result of which, for the remainder of my life I suffered from back pain. Of course I visited chiropractors for treatment and this gave me relief but always later the aches returned.
Last year for the first time I had an appointment with "Gerard Johnstone, Chiropractor" and after about 6 weeks of treatment he had restored the bones in my back to where they should be. Now, I visit him once every 2 months, he checks me over and if anything need rectified he sorts it out.

 I notice a tremendous difference since I started coming, I used to have pains at the back of my eyes and

chest pains, these were ongoing problems, and these are now gone and I have been fine ever since. (Dale Purdie)

After coming I felt amazing, I felt awakened, I felt more alive ... (Marc Beaton)

Thanks for fitting me in at such short notice, it was much appreciated. I have used the services of your clinic since moving to East Calder back in 2004 and have always been very satisfied with the very professional service and great advice you offer. I will pass the word to my fellow colleagues, if they are ever unlucky enough to have back issues, to make sure they give you a call.
P.S. Back feeling a lot better already.
(Graeme Murray)

I approached Mr Johnstone with restricted movement and pain in the knee. He very quickly got to the nub of the problem and I felt it much better after only the initial treatment. I have now had two follow-up appointments and can say my knee is now feels better than it has for years. Five stars. Excellent. (Anon.)

knee pain 

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I would like to thank you for the excellent service that you have provided over the term. If I ever need any help or advice in the future I will not hesitate to make contact any would put forward your name in recommendation should anyone I know seek help in Chiropractic care.

(Peter Drewell)


I have nothing but praise for Gerard Johnstone. For many years I attended a chiropractic clinic near my work but when I retired I needed to find a chiropractor closer to home. I count myself lucky to have found this practice. At first I was sceptical about the Activator method used at the practice, however I found that it is very effective and I now much prefer it to other methods of adjustment. Don't confuse this practice with other practices operating under a 'West Lothian' banner. I have tried alternatives and I found this modestly presented practice in East Calder to be as good as the best. (Marcus Sangster)

I have been getting back and neck treatment at Chiropractic Care West Lothian now for a year. The treatment method is slightly different from previous McTimoney chiropractors that I have been to. I was assured that if I was not happy or comfortable with the method of treatment then Gerard would revert to the more traditional treatment methods. However I have found the Activator method to be very effective and efficient and with regular treatments my back and neck pain is kept at bay. Chiropractic Care West Lothian is very accessible - being only twenty minutes from Edinburgh and having customer parking. The treatments only take 15 minutes and Chiropractic Care West Lothian are very flexible with their opening hours. I have and will continue to recommend them to my friends and family. (Jillian Hope)

After visiting numerous osteopaths and chiropractors without getting to the bottom of my chronic neck and lower back pain, a friend recommended Gerard Johnstone approximately five years ago. After my first visit to him I walked out of the door as if I was walking on air. I visit him every six to eight weeks I have highly recommended Gerard Johnstone to friends, family and colleagues requiring treatment. Parking is no problem as he has his own private parking space by the door. (Dennis McCabe)

I cannot recommend his services too highly; his professional fees are very reasonable; his method of chiropractic is very effective and I value my twice monthly visits to him. His initial treatment and his after service of two monthly visits are keeping my back pain free. I just stumbled on his name in a list of chiropractors and it was a happy chance for me. (Andrew Muir)

Just a note to say a big thank you, my back and knee are feeling much better after the adjustments today. I feel so much better. (Margaret Tollin)